Publishing Pilgrimage

In 1933, S.S. Koteliansky, the translator and editor (whose associates often used the abbreviated form 'Kot'), suggested to Richardson that Pilgrimage would sell rather better if she moved from Duckworth to a publisher willing to spend money on promoting her books.

She agreed, but had several reservations: Duckworth had been kind to her and she felt bad at the idea of leaving him; she also owed Duckworth money from advances that had never been recouped through sales. Her real priority was to get a ‘collected’ edition of Pilgrimage published.

This would allow readers to start at the beginning, and read the novels as ‘chapter-volumes’ of one long work, as they were intended. Kotelianksy was sympathetic, and with his help Richardson moved to Dent and Cresset. The collected Pilgrimage came out in 1938.

Pilgrimage, opening pages
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